Why We do not sell used boxes

Why We do not sell used boxes

In this day and age, virtually everyone wants to save money. One way that many people have traditionally gone about this in regards to shipping and moving is by finding used boxes. In theory it seems like a good idea, you are reusing, re-purposing, and saving a recyclable product from potentially ending up in a land fill.

The problem with this theory is that most often you don’t know who has used the boxes, what conditions they were used in, what was transported in them, where they were stored, or how they were generally handled.

Many people find used boxes at grocery or retail stores, liquor stores, behind warehouses, factories, office buildings, or from other people who have recently moved. The main problem with this is that boxes are a magnet for pests, and you can easily find yourself, your home, or place of business completely infested with some critters that can be very difficult to get rid of.

Many people and businesses that attempt to sell used boxes say that they spray them out with a disinfectant or some kind of over the counter insecticide. The problem with this is that it contaminates anything you put in the box with a harsh chemical that can not only damage some items, but often make people ill when they are not aware of it.

Yet another problem is that boxes have often been exposed to rodents which can spread all kinds of nasty things including Hantavirus, and Plague

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