Packing Tape


clear packing tape

We offer high-quality packing tape in a wide variety of sizes and types to fit all your packaging needs.

Our clear packing tape is very strong and resilient and will meet nearly any packaging need. If you don’t have a dispenser, we recommend our tan tape, which is easier to work with by hand.

We also carry adhesive paper tapes and nylon filament tape for those special needs. And we carry dispensers individually or in kits that include two rolls of tape each.

Prices below are per roll:

Tape Type Six Pack Individually
110 yard clear tape 3.20 ea 3.55
55 yard clear tape 2.25 ea 2.50
110 yard tan 3.20 ea 3.55
Nylon Filament 15.40
Dispenser 16.95

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