Plastic Bags


small plastic bags

Small Plastic bags are available in sizes down to a pocket watch and large plastic bags are availabe up to larger than a pup tent. They are widely used both in packing for moves and packing for shipping. On the small end, you can store all sorts of loose, small parts in small plastic bags so they don’t get lost.. At the other extreme, you can cover large items like heavy machinery with large plastic bags to protect them from dust and water.


In shipping, use zip lock small plastic bags to hold small loose parts. Tape the bag to the main item so the consignee can’t possibly miss it.

In moving, bag anything that might leak in transit — particularly stuff which could make a mess; such as:

  • Perfume (even very small bottles.)
  • Cooking oil
  • Table salt
  • Detergents
  • Ink cartridges from printers

Sensitive electronics parts (notably circuit boards) should be packed in antistatic plastic bags before any other packing is done. plastic bags are color coded to identify them. A pink variety is available for routine antistatic packing. A grey or brown variety is available for extremely sensitive applications.

Use large plastic bags to line packing boxes if you think there is any chance of the boxes getting wet. Shipments of new clothing or anything else that could be damaged by water should be shipped in bag lined boxes.

Moving boxes should be lined with plastic bags if you think there is a chance of their getting wet — such as while being carried in a pickup truck. Just use clean, new garbage bags for this. They’re perfectly clean and safe.

Large pieces of machinery can be covered with an inverted plastic bag for storage. The bags should be less prone to leakage than simply wrapping the item with a tarp.

For those living in San Diego, we can custom order from a full line of plastic bags — several styles; several gauges; several colors; and hundreds of sizes — but only in full case quantities. And we’re cheaper than the other guys selling on the internet.

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