Save Money on Moving

MOVING QUOTES: How To Save Money On Moving

The topics below should help you save at least a few hundred dollars on a long distance move.

The most important advice we can give is Don’t move stuff you don’t need!For a long move, it will cost at least $1.00 per pound to move something. (This figure includes cost of freight, plus the cost of boxes plus the cost of packing materials.) To get rid of stuff, hold a garage sale before you start to pack. If you can’t hold a sale, give the stuff to a charity. Your contribution may be tax deductible. As a last resort, just throw the stuff out. Renting a dumpster may actually make sense. But don’t pay good money to move stuff you ought to throw out.

Do all your own packing. To pack out a 3 bedroom house can easily cost in excess of $600. It’s hard work. But, with care, you can do as good a job as a professional packer.

If you elect to pack yourself, shop around for boxes. The internet is not a cheap place to buy moving boxes. Used boxes are often weak or have been exposed to moisture or crawly critters. If you need moving boxes in San Diego — or for that matter anywhere in Southern California — check out our prices and come in and see us. If you don’t live near enough to San Diego, you might print out our prices and see if a local box store will match them. (They probably can’t.)

Be sure you get all the packing finished before the movers arrive. Movers are happy to finish the job but, of course, they will charge you for their effort.

Get price quotes from at least 3 movers and, other things being OK, go with the cheapest mover. The highest priced mover need not be the best. He may simply have a lot of work already booked. The big, brand name movers, generally, do a good job, but you may get a much better deal from a small, local mover who can offer good references. Many local movers were trained by brand name movers before going into business for themselves. We can recommend a number of local San Diego movers whom we have come to trust. And, we do not receive payment for these referrals.

Keep all your receipts for moving expenses. The moving expenses may be tax deductible — including some travel costs. Check out the IRS website for more information.

If you’re concerned about your furniture being damaged, be sure your furniture will be well padded when it is moved. Some of the truck freight and container freight deals do not supply movers pads. (Movers come equipped with stacks of thick pads. Truck rental firms will rent you as many pads as you need.) But be concerned about a scheme where no pads are offered and the carrier requires a release from damages. We can sell you all sorts of inexpensive padding materials for furniture packing — bubble pack, foam wrap, paper pads, single face corrugated — but really good furniture ought to be protected by real furniture pads.

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