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Custom Packing Services

Custom packing service by our Fast-Pack Engineers

We offer custom packing services for those hard to pack items. Your average packing service is done according to time and materials used.  Larger, heavier, ultra-fragile, or multiple item pack jobs will be estimated and charged on a case by case basis, but rest assured that our prices are below the industry standard. Simple pack jobs are charged at $40 per hour  plus cost of materials.  There is a $5 minimum charge per package for smaller packages, and a $10 minimum charge per package for larger (Small = up to 15lbs. Large = over 15lbs). We pack all items according to our own standards that meet or exceed the standards set by Fedex and other shipper packing guidelines. We have the best trained and most experienced Fast-Pack Engineers in the world. The average turn around time for packing service is 2 hours, and most items dropped off by 11:00 am can be done by the end of the business day. Multiple items, and more difficult items will vary in the length of time required for packing.

We specialize in museum quality artifacts, fine art, high end electronics, musical instruments, and more.  We can find a packing solution for virtually any type of item regardless of size, weight, or shape.

We specialize in high end electronics and audio equipment

We specialize in high end electronics and audio equipment  

We also invented Hexcrates, an alternative to traditional wooden crates that offer the same level of protection at a fraction of the weight and are a low cost alternative to more expensive wooden crates. Each Hexcrate is hand crafted here in our shop to fit the specific item being shipped.

We think outside the box, so you don’t have to. 

We have the right tools, materials, and knowledge to get the job done right the first time. If you have a special item that has to get there in one piece, don’t cut corners, bring it to us. We stock hundreds of different boxes, and an assortment of packing material that affords us a versatility that other stores offering packing services just don’t have.

Notice: We do not offer any kind of warranty or guarantee on packing services. It is impossible for us to predict what kind of abuse or punishment any package may endure after it leaves the store.


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