Bubble Pack


bubble wrap packaging

Bubble pack is a clear plastic sheet of air bubbles sold in rolls. It offers cushioning and scratch protection far superior to packing paper.

We offer the best prices in town for rolls of bubble pack (see below).

Bubble pack sizes and prices

Manufacturers classify bubble pack packaging by the thickness of the sheet — not by the diameter of the bubbles. Small bubble pack forms a sheet about 3/16” thick. Large bubble pack is called 1/2” bubble because that is the thickness of a sheet. Two other sizes are readily available — a smaller 1/8” bubble and an intermediate 5/16” bubble. We stock the 1/2” and 3/16” bubble and we can special order the other two.

Large 1/2″ Bubble:

12” wide x 125′: $19.99
24” wide x 125′: $32.99
48″ wide x 125′: $64.99

Small 3/16″ Bubble:

12” wide x 300′: $32.99
24” wide x 300′: $59.99

Bubble Pack Strength

In general, smaller bubbles have greater strength to resist popping. Larger bubbles offer softer padding. When in doubt, pack with the smaller bubbles.

We, also, can order a heavy duty large (1/2”) bubble. You would use this against a rough or sharp item that tended to puncture bubble wrap packaging.

Barrier bubble pack

If a heavy weight is left sitting on bubble pack for a long period of time, the bubbles will slowly go flat. This happens because air can slowly diffuse right through the walls of the plastic bubbles. As a result, ordinary bubble pack doesn’t work well for long term storage (say, 10 months+).

The rate of going flat can be reduced by using a plastic that air diffuses through more slowly. Such a bubble pack is called Barrier Bubble Pack. Barrier bubble goes flat much more slowly than ordinary bubble, but it still goes flat. We recommend you not use any kind of bubble pack for long term storage. Use foam wrap, packing paper or packing peanuts, instead.

We are not able to offer Barrier Bubble.

Anti-static bubble pack

Never use clear bubble pack against electronics. Ordinary, clear bubble pack can generate thousands of volts of static electricity as it is handled. This voltage can damage integrated circuits which are designed to operate at less than one volt.

Static electricity can be, somewhat, reduced by use of anti-static bubble pack. Anti-static bubble pack is colored pink and contains agents to reduce static electricity. It is a bit more expensive than clear bubble. Use only anti-static bubble pack to pack electronics.

Where to use what

Large bubble pack works well on extremely light and fragile items like dried floral arrangements or large, light vases.

Small bubble works on everything. You may have to use several layers to get the padding you want; but it will always do the job well.

Do not use bubble in direct contact with highly finished wood. Moisture may collect between the bubble and the wood and cause water marking. First, pack the furniture in kraft paper or paper mover’s pads — then use the bubble for padding. You can also use foam wrap as the padding instead.

Do not use bubble pack in direct contact with the front of a valuable oil painting. Trace oily materials on the bubble (called oligomers) may, in time, affect the paint.

If you are packing a small, fragile item with bubble pack, do not use packing tape to secure the bubble pack. Packing tape is so strong, you may break something while trying to get the packet unwrapped. Use either paper masking tape or Scotch tape.

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