Foam Wrap

Packing Foam

Packing Foam

Packing foam is a sheet of polyethylene foam usually sold in rolls. The thicknesses range from 1/32″ to 1/4″ inch. Many colors are available, but we only carry white. Several densities are available as well. Most foam padding material weighs 1.8 – 2.0 pounds per cubic foot. Less dense grades are softer and weaker, while denser grades are stiffer and stronger.

Foam Rolls:

12″ wide x 300′ long (3/16″ thickness): $49.99 ea.
12″ wide x 900′ long (1/16″ thickness): $49.99 ea.

Foam sheets wrapped around an item offer good padding and good abrasion protection. The sheet material can usually support quite heavy loads without failing — far heavier loads than bubble wrap can take. It works well for padding metal structures like chairs or tables. It is reasonably safe to use foam wrap directly against wood.

Foam wrap can (and ought to) replace bubble in many applications.

Packing foam padding can (and ought to) replace bubble in many applications.

Small mail order vendors should become familiar with the possibilities this material offers. Foam wrap has a pleasant look. Thin sheets of foam may replace tissue paper in some commercial applications. Really fragile items like stained glass or gaskets can be pressed between 3/16″, or thicker, foam pads for good protection.

We offer it in two thicknesses. If you can get to our store in San Diego, we can special order large rolls of it at very attractive prices.

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