Corrugated Paper


corrugated cardboard

Three versions of corrugated cardboard paper are used for packing; single wall corrugated, double wall corrugated and single face corrugated. We sell all three at our store in San Diego, BUT ONLY ON SPECIAL ORDER.

The picture at left shows a cross section of the material.

Single Wall Corrugated

Single wall corrugated is the ordinary corrugated from which boxes are made.

Sheets of corrugated cardboard are called pads. Stock pads come in sizes ranging from smaller than writing paper up to 4 foot by 8 foot sheets. We stock a couple of sizes and we can order from an assortment of more than 20 sizes.

Sheets of single wall corrugated paper should be used to pack materials with sharp surfaces. Sharp items will cut through lighter packing materials such as paper or bubble pack and in fact, will even cut their way out of a packing box. To prevent this, fold a sheet of corrugated paper completely around the item (sword, chainsaw, ax) and tape the sheet tightly in place. To pack flat items, like a sword, just fold a simple envelope from corrugated paper. (Scrap corrugated, obtained from used boxes, will do a satisfactory wrapping job.)

Single wall corrugated can be a help in packing heavy items in packing peanuts. Normally, heavy items are prone to crush peanuts and rest on the bottom of the box. (UPS recommends you not use peanuts for items over 50 pounds.) You can pack somewhat heavier items if you first wrap them tightly in single wall corrugated. It will turn out to be quite a job but, at least, you can pack with readily available materials.

Corrugated pads can also be used to sandwich large pictures or posters. We sell sheets of corrugated measuring 4 ft by 8 ft. It is almost always on hand.

During shipping, even fairly blunt pieces of heavy metal parts can punch through a corrugated box. To prevent this, we wrap these heavy parts tightly in wide strips of corrugated paper. For instance, we pack metal bed frames this way. You can get the corrugated by cutting up a worn out box.

Double Wall Corrugated

Double wall corrugated is a much heavier and stiffer corrugated. It is used by packers mainly for building large, custom boxes. It is too stiff and strong for use in wrapping.

Double wall works well to protect pictures. Sandwich the picture between 2 sheets of double wall corrugated and stretchwrap the assembly together.

We sell it in 4 foot by 8 foot sheets.

Single Wall … $14.99

Double Wall … $28.95

Single Face Corrugated

Corrugated is also available as rolls of a flexible single face corrugated paper. Single face corrugated provides a modest amount of padding and provides resistance to penetration. It’s main advantage over other corrugated is the ease of bending it around objects.

Single face corrugated can be used to wrap round items such as bottles or jars.

Single face corrugated is widely used to wrap furniture for moving. It’s used where furniture pads are unlikely to be returned. A $1.50 worth of single face can replace a real furniture pad worth $9 or more. Our experience with single face is very limited, but it does seem to work well. It’s well worth consideration if you are loading a freight truck or a cargo container.

Single face comes in 250 foot rolls for $79.95. We generally stock this material, and we can easily order a number of sizes and widths for you. Single face is available in widths from 4 inches up to 6 feet.

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