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Here are a few sites that may help San Diego residents with their move.  Most of the sites are for general information sites, others are movers with whom we work closely.

The Movers

Here are the sites of some of the big movers. They’ll give you all sorts of information about packing as a mover views it. Compared to us, movers are more oriented toward the organization of the whole move. We are centered on packing. We’ve sent you to the home pages because the addresses of the packing pages vary quickly.

You can get a lot of moving tips from Atlas Van lines It’s got a lot of odd, but essential, information.

The most complete source of information we’ve ever seen is Avatar Moving Systems, Inc.– on Long Island. Allow plenty of time to roam this huge site. It’s an encyclopedia of moving with links going everywhere.

Also, check out the sites for:

The links, above, signify neither our approval nor disapproval of the companies. We just haven’t dealt with them.

Local Movers (San Diego Metro)

We deal with a lot of local movers whom we have come to trust over the years. The only one of the group who has a web site is Reliable Man Movers.

Ric Armstrong Of Birditt Moving is another mover we’ve come to know who does exactly what he says he’ll do.   Also try AA Moving. Flavio and his wife are highly price competitive and loaded with integrity. 

Tax Deductions

Many moves may be tax deductible. The IRS website offers information about claiming moving expenses as tax deductions. The information is complete and quite readable. Unfortunately, navigation around the site is extremely difficult. When you find relevent information, be sure to print it out before leaving the page. You may never find it again.

It may be a better economic decision to give stuff to charity rather than move it. It’s Deductible offers a computer program for estimating the correct value of your donations. They have links to other sources of information about charities. Certainly worth a look.

Moving Pets

Moving pets a long distance can be a lot more complicated than you’d imagine. Start on the problem by going to Petswelcome.com. (We like the graphics, too.) Expanding your search is simple. Use the terms “moving pets” on any search engine.


UPS is the largest privately owned parcel carrier in the United States. You can check out shipping rates or trace your UPS shipments on these pages. There’s general information about all the services UPS offers.

The site offers a good summary of good, conservative packaging practices. Anyone shipping UPS would be well advised to pack according to these recommendations. These suggestions will probably become standard packing requirements over the next few years. The current location is at UPS packaging

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