Freight Your Move


Our freight services are a great alternative to traditional moving methods for long distance moves. You can  save thousands of dollars over using truck rentals, and moving companies.

Self-Haul Truck Rental to New York

– 10 ft. Truck:  $2437 [9 day, 3262 mile allowance]

– 15 ft. Truck: $2565 [9 day, 3262 mile allowance]

– 20 ft. Truck: $3207 [9 day, 3262 mile allowance]

These rentals do not include fuel, food and lodging cost!

– Gas: a minimum of $760 to cover that distance at an average of 15 miles per gallon

-Lodging may vary but a minimum of $100/night

Freight shipment to New York

 [Freights go by total weight and number of pallets]

  • 500 lbs. / One Pallet: $1100.00 [All estimates are with pallet service included]
  • 1000 lbs. / Two Pallets: $1600.00 [Average of $800.00 per pallet]
  • 2000 lbs. / Four Pallets: $2300.00 [Average of $575.00 per pallet]

All information is an estimate and freight rates may vary due to fuel cost. Ask us for more details about a detailed estimate!

Moving companies and truck rentals have their place, but for smaller moves going state to state, or coast to coast freight services are the best choice. While freight services will not be the best choice for everyone, it is perfect for many people in today’s fast paced world where the ability to relocate quickly is necessary.
For questions or estimates please call or come in.
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