Tissue Paper

Tissue Paper

Although, tissue paper makes a fine appearance as a packing material, it has largely been replaced by foam wraps and, possibly, bubble pack. Acid free tissue is still widely used to protect antiques such as fabrics, (wedding dresses), silverware and photos.

Tissue paper is only available as special order. We no longer carry it in stock

Tissue paper is used, by movers, to wrap silverware. If you purchase tissue paper for this purpose be sure to get the “non tarnishing” type designed specifically for silverware.

Tissue is also used by upscale movers to provide an soft inner wrap when packing fine china or crystal. The tissue is then overwrapped with either packing paper or bubble pack to provide a suitable amount of padding. Tissue is too expensive to be used for the whole packing job.

Nontarnishing tissue is also used to wrap antiques and artifacts for storage. In this respect it is used as an extremely soft and chemically inert paper.

Otherwise, tissue paper is used mainly for display packing. It does not have enough body to offer much protection. It’s also quite expensive compared to newsprint.

If you happen to need both appearance and protection consider using a very thin foam wrap.

We stock tissue in limited quantities. We can also special order to fill your needs. There are many sizes and grades available. You would need to be willing to purchase several hundred sheets.

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