Specialty Items

Specialty Items


Foam Plank

1.2 Density foam 108″ X 48″ X 1″
$49.95 Each

Edge Protectors

36″x 2″x 2″ or 48″x 2″x 2″
  Edge Protectors Perfect for pallet building, and Special packing jobs that require extra protection.
$0.95/$1.50 Each

Foam Corners

Perfect for electronics, and double boxing. 1 flat is 4 corners
$1.80 per flat


16″ X 12″ or 24″X16″
Waterproof and rip resistant. Perfect for mailing or shipping single items of clothing
$0.50/$1.50 Each

Tissue Paper

18″ X 24″
Perfect for delicate items such as crystal. Comes in white only.
$45.95 per ream

Kraft Paper Roll

24″x 900′
Perfect for wrapping items or using as a filler for fulfillment.
$44.00 Each


48″ X  36″ X 1/2″
Perfect for adding extra protection to any project
$10.95 Each

Corrugated Rolls

250′ x 24″
Single face corrugated cardboard. A great packing material for delicate products.
(other sizes available and flutes upon request)
$49.95 Each

Bike Box

53″ X  9″ X 27″
Standard Bike Box

Also Check Out these great new items

Reinforced Paper Tape

Pro Level water activated tape.   3″ X 375′
$9.22 a roll

Carton Resizer

Re-size any box to the size you need

Wine Shipping Box

1 Bottle Shipper
Box w/ 1 Bottle Cardboard Insert
$5.95 Each

Wine Shipping Box

2 Bottle Shipper
Box w/ 2 Bottle Cardboard Insert
$8.95 Each

Wine Shipping Box

12 Bottle Shipper
Box w/ 12 Bottle Styrofoam Insert
$14.95 Each

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